Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Back to the future: Web 2.0

Back in '97 I used to work with web design. I did all sort of things in Flash, html, css, javascript and it lasted until the year 2000.

I have really missed making things for the web, this I realized when taking a course last semester in Hypermedia and doing a semester work:

For that project I went back to Dreamweaver under wine, but after trying it for a couple of days I just didn't feel at home anymore; so I went on and used gedit, nano or any other available text editing tool I could grab and was happy with it. The game has really changed since my experience in the late '90s: SVN repository for changes in the project, XHTML 1.0 Strict compatibility for all content, PHP and databases, XML like HTML based files for content, CSS for layout and design purposes are all expected standards today.

All in all the project turned out real nice, but most of all showed the power of FLOSS today in practice!

I started working fulltime at Captive last year as a tech consultant and marketing responsible. My main goal is to get the company to focus on products which are directly correlated with the other stuff we do (Networking, Security, Servers & Desktops) and develope new ones that we can sell them as part of our offerings.

So this semester, as I am taking a course in entrepeneurship here at the University of Oslo, I decided to work on a project to see if one of these new developed products could be delivering web 2.0 sites (interactive web sites, where sharing and collaboration are standards) to our customers. The main idea is to use web developers and designers from South America and use the best from FLOSS software regarding CMS and Wiki systems as our standardized base.

I got an interview in the student newspaper at Uni because of this work... Now it's time to get it done. A few minor details remain to be cleared up in this regard but I'm confident we will be ready for the start in October this year...

Stay tuned.

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