Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Noticias Semanales Ubuntu - Edición #89


  • Versión Candidata de Ubuntu 8.04 LTS
  • Versión candidata: llamada a testeadores
  • Semana Abierta de Ubuntu
  • Se necesita: probadores, Revisores, y Sponsors para Abiword 2.6
  • ShipIt para pedidos de CD 8.04
  • Estadísticas de Ubuntu
  • Noticias de grupos locales
  • En la prensa & Blogosfera
  • En otras noticias
  • Próximas reuniones & Eventos
  • Actualizaciones & Seguridad
Léela aquí.

Si quieres escribir en NSU, súmate e introdúcete (en inglés) a la lista del Ubuntu Marketing Team o envía tu historia a: ubuntu-marketing-submissions@lists.ubuntu.com

Para escribir y/o traducir al español mirá http://doc.ubuntu-es.org/NSU

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Ubuntu Worldwide (as in Hardy & Cola ;-)

After using Ubuntu in my computer at home since hoary came out (and updating all the way to gutsy) I decided to give the new LTS a fresh install and leave the upgrading till the next LTS comes in 2010. really, I'm sick and tired of irritating my girlfriend about streaming, java, flash, network manager and other stuff "not working propertly" and giving myself a needless day of work to fix the whole thing.

So I went on and took a backup with a neat tool and formatted the thing and installed Hardy after giving Indiana a test drive in my computer, which is, by the way, doingwell these days.

Now I'm back in Hardy and setting up everything after the backup. I like Hardy a lot! Until now I really appreciate the responsiveness generally in the system, the gnome-system-monitor, the new permissions enforcement in admin apps under gnome and the totally painless install of 3d drivers and other apps. Hardy is rocking really hard!

And after drinking a refreshing and tasty Cola after dinner I just had to make it part of this post.

It seems that some people in Africa have gotten together to produce sugar as the raw product for production of a new fair trade Cola which guarantees some more cash to the farmers involved; the contact person seems to be local and have direct contact with the farmers in Malawi and Zambia. Here in Oslo it's available in many places and, well, I had to give it a try!

I read something about Ubuntu Trading in the box of Ubuntu Cola and as the website was not up for the world to see I got the cache to look at (thanks to google). I found out that it is not related to Ubuntu (as in GNU/Linux) at all but, in a way, it maybe related to the Ubuntu philosophy, judge yourself. Ffor better or worse, it does definitely run on ubuntu.

All in all a good brand, in my opinion the marketing is somehow misleading, but still a good initiative which all Ubuntu related "products" (as in "I am because we are") can drive synergies forward from.

Last, but not least a pic:

Thanks for reading.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

UbunTuX worldwide

TuX is the new black worlwide!

Well, I have earlier stated that I would post this... Now i got the time:

First a video (yes taken in the Galapagos islands in Ecuador, is in youtube too):

and then a couple of pictures (this one is from South Georgia in the Malvinas Islands, taken to Norway by some crazy whale hunter in the 30's):