Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Ubuntu in the enterprise... Everyday use on "real" business life

My company is in a "Best Practice" process at the moment.

In the meetings the retail managers have we discuss and go through all of the aspects of running our stores and try to get the "best practices" in the different categories we go thorugh (sales, economy management, HR management among others).

I for one use ubuntu in my laptop. No dual boot, just pure ubuntu (now development version "Feisty Fawn" been released in April 19th 2007.

When we write thing down and sintesise our thoughts we use our laptops and rotate in who is writing. We use each others files (MS Word/Excel format) and work on.

But today people started realizing I use another OS when making my presentation to the whole forum. And obviously started asking questions (Yes, I had Desktop Effects activated ;).

So I decided to write down the experience of using my computer among this Windows crowd and what I can and can't do:

Can Dos

* Use the Citrix Metaframe with SSL security based enviroment (witch makes use of certificates and even installed Portable Open Office - - to see files Office files and make PDFs inside of the enviroment :)
* See all documents I need for my everyday work (MS Excel/Word/PowerPoint, PDF)
* Have access to a ActiveX based web site using Internet Explorer 6 ( Huge thanks to IEs4Linux :)
* Listen to my music and see movies while working (Thanks to Rhythmbox/Banshee & Totem/VLC/Mplayer)
* Print without hassle and any driver CD/download install (Set up the net printers and go - Thanks to Gnome & CUPS :)
* Access our Ubuntu 6.06.1 server through SSH/SAMBA when needed
* Connect wiressly through WLAN /LAN / GPRS-over-Bluetooth-with-Nokia-Phone / PCMCIA-3G-GPRS-GSM

Can't Dos

* Seems my IE6 trick isn't working anymore :(
* See advanced (read macrobased) Excel files

All in all I can do pretty much everything I need to do.

Thank you Ubuntu!

Please help improving Ubuntu:
* Become a member of Launchpad
* Help translating with Rosetta
* Code if you can using Bazaar
* Help in the forums or in sending bugs through Launchpad

Thanks for reading. Leave comments/questions (not flaming/spaming please).


Wednesday, March 07, 2007



wvdial --config wvdial.conf